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Trifolia Natural Products

Available year round

Preserves & Jams

Trifolia uses what ever sun ripened fruit that is in season and over abundant to create delicious preserves and jams. Especially available in the winter months to remind you of the sunshine. Product varies seasonally. Sold in 1/2 pint and 1 pint jars. See latest listing for what is available.


Hari Kim Chee

The Good, the Bad and the Probiotic!

We all know that Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for our health, especially our digestive system, because they help keep the level of “good bacteria” high and thus our gut healthy. Hari Kim Chee is a vegan style traditional Korean fermented vegetable that is chock a block full of taste and goodness. cold processed to preserve the health benefits so please refrigerate after opening. 

Ingredients: Organic napa cabbage, organic daikon radish, ginger, apple, kosher salt, sticky rice, chili powder, kombu seaweed 


Air Freshener and Aromatherapy Spray

Made with a blend of essential oils and purified water, Mr. Sprays can be used to lighten, brighten and purify the air in any environment. Spray them on your pillow to aid a restful night, or on your yoga mat to help with stress release. Freshen the interior of your car or bathroom, or any way you can think of.

Three blends Fresh Air, Clean Air and Calm Air - 4oz

Salves: Comfrey

Wise woman remedies that provide first aid and healing support.

For hundreds of years Comfrey has been a valuable plant in herbal medicinal traditions. Containing allantoin which has been shown to increase cell reproduction and thus speed healing, comfrey leaves can be used as a poultice or in the form of a salve to aid and support wound healing. Use salve for chapped lips, wind and sun burn, diaper rash, cuts and scratches and insect bites. This salve is made from organic wildcrafted comfrey leaves, organic extra virgin olive oil and mindfully harvested beeswax. Net weight-1oz

Cold and Flu: Elderberry Cough Syrup

available in 8 and 16oz bottles

serving sizes:

for immune support - 1 to 2 TBS; 2 to 3 times/day

for flighting an infection - 3 to 5 TBS; 3 to 5 times/day

Artisan Tofu

Homemade, fresh, non-GMO tofu


 Tinctures are quick and convenient, they are easy to store, easy to travel with and easy to ingest.  A few drops of a tincture in a glass of water or tea, or just on the tongue, takes only a second, making them easy to ensure compliance. They are also long lasting, and an excellent way of  They are an excellent way of preserving the medicinal properties and health benefits of dried and fresh herbs. 1oz. See store for availability.


Chinese trauma liniment for sprains and ligaments. Made with 17 herbs in the Traditional Chinese Medicine modality. A little goes a long way. 1/2 oz.


Apple cider vinegar has been known for generations as an amazing health tonic, used for an incredible number of things including healthcare, house care and skincare. It is also used as a disinfectant and preservative as the acetic acid acts as an anti-microbial. Trifolia vinegars are organic, raw and unpasteurized. Apple and Pear -16oz


Thyme for Teeth: Tooth Powder

Specially formulated dental powder created to support clean teeth and fresh breath. A little goes a long way. Sprinkle on to a damp toothbrush and brush and gargle twice a day. Made with high grade bentonite clay, baking soda and a blend of essential oils. 69g

Lotions and Butters

At Trifolia we believe that whatever you put on your body you should feel comfortable enough to put in your body. Our coco-butter natural hand and body lotion is made from all natural ingredients.  This quickly absorbent lotion gently leaves a light protective layer on your skin.
Net weight- 4ozs

Lip Balm

Made with calendula infused organic extra virgin oil, sustainably harvested beeswax and pure essential oil, Trifolia lip balm is a convenient way to bring soothing relief to dry, chapped and sore lips. It can also be used as quick first aid for minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. Buy several and keep them in your house, car and work place.  Lavender, Orange, Lemon Balm, Peppermint-1oz.


Handmade Soaps

Trifolia Hand made soaps are made with a mixture of saponified oils and essential oils to bring you a delightful product that is great to use or give away.

Salt Scrub

Rub a dub dub Hurrah for the scrub!

At the end of a long, trying day wouldn’t it be wonderful to shower away all your tension and stress. Trifolia salt scrub made with Epsom salts, organic coconut oil and essential oils, is the perfect choice to help you relax and exfoliate renew and refresh and get ready for an energized new day. Three scents: Peppermint, Lemon balm or Lavender- 2oz

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