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About Trifolia


Trifolia Natural Product and Botanicals manufactures and distributes a variety of gourmet items with the largest and consistent production line being the artisan tofu or organic soya bean curd.

Trifolia uses surpluses of fruits, Vegetables and medicinal plants, grown and wild crafted to produce shelf-stable items such as fermented vegetables, preserves, plant tinctures, teas and salves, vinegar (culinary as well as tonic), and a variety of other items. 

Due to the fact that surplus produce varies from season to season, the items offered also vary as does the quantity.


About Yasoda

Yasoda Mensah is owner of Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals, and Director of Three Leaf Farmden; dedicated to education, sustainability, utility and self-realization. She has been a practitioner, educator, and counselor in the Bhakti yoga tradition for over thirty years and has lived and worked on three continents, during which time her passion for and knowledge of the Earth, environment, health and herbal medicines has grown and deepened.

 Yasoda is deeply committed to the environment and sustainable agricultural practices that respect the earth and its myriad of life, plant-based and otherwise.  She enjoys collaborating with local organic farms and growers to bring the best quality produce to the table and works with the Gita Nagari Eco-Farm and Sanctuary in conducting herb walks, workshops, and classes as part of their retreats throughout the year. Yasoda holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, a Masters in therapeutic herbalism and is a certified facilitator through the Institute for Applied Spiritual Technology.

Three Leaf Farmden

Bigger than a garden, smaller than a farm, Three Leaf Farmden is a non profit small family run operation growing organic produce, in a sustainable manner, while mindfully wild crafting herbs.


Located in the beautiful and fertile Juanita Valley, central Pennsylvania, Three Leaf is the agricultural base for its sister organization; Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals. Three Leaf and Trifolia are committed to raising consciousness by promoting a more respectful connection to the Earth and the items that sustain us while supporting and deepening the inner journey of self-reflection. 

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