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Plants as Super Heroes!

Tinctures are a form of edible liquid that contains the active ingredient or extract of a plant. In herbal medicine tinctures are administered as a remedy or supplement for the body. The extract is usually made with alcohol, but may also be made with glycerin, vinegar or water. Alcohol both extracts the plant’s properties and acts as a preservative. A tincture may be taken under the tongue with small droppers, and is a great way to take a supplement without having to deal with teas or capsules. Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals has a range of tinctures available that have been used traditionally for generations and have been scientifically researched to effectively support specific areas and needs for example; Cleavers and Chickweed to support the lymphatic system and waste removal, Nettles traditional used for summer allergies Motherwort to support female reproductive system, Ginkgo for improved mental clarity and brain function, Milky Oats for nervous system support and many more. Japanese Knot Weed and Teasle root as an important part of Lymes Disease protocol. Jamacian Dogwood/ Kava-Kava combination for inflamation and pain relief. Chaste Berry popularly used to relieve PMS, menopause symptoms and infertility issues. (Caution: Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Do not combine with antipsychotic drugs, (e.g. Haloperidol).

Ingredients: Wild crafted and organic plant material, alcohol. Wt. 1oz.        



Tinctures: Plant Botanicals

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