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Digestive Bitters (1 oz)

Bitters aid digestion, stimulate bile juices, and calm the nerves, engaging the para-sympathetic nervous system. When you taste bitters, your heart rate slows down, your glandular and intestinal activity increases, and the muscles in your intestinal tract relax, getting ready to digest. Your fight or flight response is relaxed in order to allow your body to nourish itself. Bitters stoke the inner digestive fire. And when the digestion is working optimally, so is the body. Bitters have also been used to supress food cravings. The craving for sugary snacks or starchy salty snack foods can be quenched with a drop of bitter taste on the tongue.

Bitters relieve gas and bloating.

Bitters help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Bitters support the liver and gall bladder.

Bitters relieve heart burn and indigestion

Bitters relieve upset stomach and nausea

Bitters are both drying and cooling

Bitters aid weight loss by curbing sugar cravings and maintaining healthy blood sugar

Bitters help to regulate fat metabolism

Bitters can improve your complexion by improving digestion



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Digestive Bitters

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