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Chickweed contains saponins, plant compounds that can alleviate inflamed mucous membranes and facilitate the breakup of secretions from the membranes. It acts as a demulcent and expectorant, helping to clear mucous and ease congestion in the lungs.

Also high in many nutrients, including vitamin C and antioxidants, Chickweed helps to relieve inflammation in the nose, sinuses and respiratory tract whilst helping to eliminate the underlying cause of infection. Also,  a natural appetite suppressant, the saponins in Chickweed have been found to emulsify fat cells and flush them from the body. This versatile herb also supports healthy thyroid function which is essential in the smooth running of the body’s metabolism. It contains natural lecithin which specifically aids in fat metabolism.


10 tea bags approx wt. 3.5oz


Chickweed Tea: 1 bag of tea per cup. Allow to steep for 15 - 20 minutes.

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