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Effective herb in supporting the healing of: inflammatory digestive issues; a carminative; fungal issues, i.e. candida; the breakdown of dietary fats; and menstrual cramping. Also, for support in energy work, and an aid in lucid dreaming.


"Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, is the primary herb recommend for dreamwork and is entirely reliable for its effects on dreaming. Those effects are best described as intensifying or enhancing to dream texture, resolution, complexity, and recall. Mugwort “takes you up a level” from your habitual dream state: If you tend not to remember anything about your dreams, mugwort will help you [re]collect bits & pieces; if you have spotty recall, it will help you construct a more complete narrative thread. If you dream only in black & white, mugwort may introduce colors."  - Mugwort for Dreaming, Ryn Midura

Aunty Annie's All-Purpose Tonic

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