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Nature Nurturing Nature


An internal fire for the cold days ahead! 

  Spicy, pungent, yet deliciously sweet fire cider is a great choice for warming the body during fall and winter. This traditional herbal remedy is made from fresh ingredients and boasts the health benefits found in apple cider vinegar. It  promotes a healthy immune system and supports normal healthy digestion as well as healthy heart and circulatory function. This fall/winter tonic can be taken daily undiluted as a 'shot', or diluted in a small amount of water. It can also be mixed with olive oil to be used as a salad dressing. This is a great tonic to have on hand during the colder months.


Trifolia Fire Cider Plus contains: Ginger root, fennel, horseradish, cayenne peppers, garlic, lemon, mugwort and honey.

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