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Trifolia Natural Products & Botanicals

Nature Nurturing Nature

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Self Care
  Too busy to smell the roses, coffee or anything else? Feeling stressed, harassed, anxious? These are all symptoms of the hectic lifestyles we are living in this modern age. Chronic stress can put you at risk for a myriad of problems including:

  • Anxiety.

  • Depression.

  • Digestive problems.

  • Headaches.

  • Muscle tension and pain.

  • Heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

  • Sleep problems.

  • Weight gain.


Schedule time for your self to do some self care, meditate, breathe, stretch, do some yoga. Go for a walk in nature or just sit and be. Trifolia has teas to help you relax like "Keep Calm and Carry On", or "Mind Your Business" to help lessen anxiety. We have aromatherapy sprays like "Mr. Calm Air" that you can carry with you and many tinctures to support your good health. Looking for a gift to give? Trifolia's Self-Care package contains a selection of high quality items for the perfect way to say "I care".

Check out these products and more in the Trifolia store. Available online and at the Boalsburg Farmers Market and other venues.


Locate Our Products


Find us at the Boalsburg Farmers Market on Tuesdays, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Summer Market located at the Pennsylvania Military Museum; Winter Market location at Boalsburg Fire Hall.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for upcoming events from Trifolia. You can also visit for events and programs at our Farmden.

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