Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) is a traditional healing modality that has been successfully practiced in China for thousands of years. This particular combination of herbs is specifically for recurring tendonitis and chronic slow healing tendons and ligaments. The herbs are steeped in an alcohol base for almost a year to produce a potent liniment that is a balanced mix of warming and cooling herbs. 

How to apply: Put a small amount on your thumb or fingers and massage gently into the injured area moving in small circles for several minutes, with enough pressure to penetrate but not hurt. This is for EXTERNAL use only.

Ingredients: Cao wu (wild aconite), Chuan Wu (Sichuan aconite), Tao ren ( peach kernel), Ma huang (ephedra), Zi ran tong, (pyrite), Mo yao (myrrh), Ru xiang frankincense), Da huang (rhubarb), Lu lu tong (Fructus liquidambaris taiwanianae), Zhang mu (camphor wood).


Trifolia Tendon Liniment